Month: December 2021

Laser Chiller/Radiator

We recently purchased an OMTech 55W Laser for hobby use but did not purchase the external chiller radiator.  The one that’s for for sale for around $150-200 price range is simply a “radiator” type cooler with an alarm wire that can be fed back to the laser.  To me this seems like a rather ludicrous price for something that cools the tube to room temperature.  This being said it was clear that when the laser gets heavy use the 5 Gallon bucket of distilled water (w/ 8 drops of algicide and 8 drops of dish soap) did heat up to over 75 degrees with a few hours of cutting.  I wanted to keep the laser operating in the most efficient manner so I built a simple radiator chiller on the cheap using brand-new parts from Amazon for only around $40 and it works like a charm.  No hardware was needed beyond what came with the purchase which also yielded a couple extra pipe clamps and some Gates hose:

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