Month: July 2014

Dump(ster) diving for data

This is just a word of caution for anyone throwing away, donating or otherwise discarding a computer or hard disk.  You may think that your data was removed with a format but you are mistaken.  There are many free and easy to use forensic recovery tools that can be used to recover your data. Case in point I found a 20 GB hard disk at the dump in the swap shed.  I plugged the drive into my garage/utility computer and began examining the drive.  The first thing I noted is there was no partition table and several bad sectors (likely the reason for it being discarded).  Being it was a parallel ATA drive I assumed that it was a PC based drive and began recovery using a tool called testdisk on in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (CNC).  This tool can recover otherwise deleted partition tables from a variety of systems.  I tend to use Linux for tasks like this to reduce the risk of infection from viruses and it can be done with a Live CD if necessary.

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Open Ayer Space forums now open…

Faisal has created a Google+ Group for Open Ayer Space and registered the domain   I had suggested this name based on my private makerspace and it works on so many levels:

  1. Openness promotes ideas and sharing
  2. Ayer and Shirley are nearby each other and the (A)yer (S)pace plays on this
  3. It opens a whole theme for the workspace (aka, Hanger, Admirals Lounge, Cockpit etc.)

Currently the google groups is by invite.  Contact Faisal for more information.

Faisal is also planning a booth at the Ayer Fourth of July celebration with a table setup to charge cellphones and discuss the new makerspace.