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X-carve Clamp, Tool and Bit Holders

These were quickly created in V-carve to hold my bits and tools.  I leveraged a bit of the design form past users and created my own.



This stores the clamp kit from Inventables in one block and several types of bits in the other block.  I love this wrench I ordered on amazon for my DW-611 router since the original was lost.


GEDORE 894 17 Single open ended spanner 17 mm


Download the v-carve files here:  BIT AND CLAMP HOLDER



Prusa 3D Printing Station/Organizer

I recently purchased the MMU2s for my Prusa i3 and quickly found my desk was an unruly mess.  With the filament buffer and multiple spools there was stuff everywhere.  I was determined to clean up this mess so I took to my notebook and after a couple quick measurements sketched out a design that would add some additional under-printer storage as well as manage multiple spools and the buffer.  This is the end result.


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Open Ayer Space forums now open…

Faisal has created a Google+ Group for Open Ayer Space and registered the domain   I had suggested this name based on my private makerspace and it works on so many levels:

  1. Openness promotes ideas and sharing
  2. Ayer and Shirley are nearby each other and the (A)yer (S)pace plays on this
  3. It opens a whole theme for the workspace (aka, Hanger, Admirals Lounge, Cockpit etc.)

Currently the google groups is by invite.  Contact Faisal for more information.

Faisal is also planning a booth at the Ayer Fourth of July celebration with a table setup to charge cellphones and discuss the new makerspace.

Ayer Makerspace Meeting

Met some great people last night at the Ayer Makerspace meeting.  Faisal Mohammed led the meeting along with the Ayer Board of Economic Development.  A common vision for the makespace was discussed along with some proposals for where it might be located and what the people who attended planned to get out of it.  There I met some other makers, tinkerers and inventors like Craig Farnsworth who runs Farns Wood which recycles, reclaims and repurposes wood and other antiques.  Scott Winroth of Winroth LLC a small basement operated 3D modeling and printing company was also there.  He’s was looking for space to bring his company to the next level and to network.

A representative from Duval Sign Company was also there discussing benefits that could be had for both the company and the makers alike.  They have a large format Laser (with a 52×100″ table!) , CNC router and offer painting and finishing services.    They discussed the importance of learning NC (numerical control) systems present in almost every industrial environment today.

Other makers were also represented with folks from the Steam Punk community, people who work with fiber, jewlery, glass and other arts.    There will be more to come on the Ayer makerspace planning and development.