Thing-O-Matic PLA & Nylon Printing Notes

PLA Setup:

Must adjust the Z Homing offset for PLA to account for the additional Blue Painters Tape affixed to the build platform.

Platform must be more level since the “noodle” hardens almost instantly.  Perhaps a little pre-heating would help it stick/smush better

Nozzle must be clean.  I preheated to the tool head and cleaned it off with some 000 steel wool.  This prevents the PLA from curling in and sticking to the nozzle.

Need a good purge/anchor when starting the print PLA oozes much more than ABS

Taulman 618 Nylon Setup:

Adjust Z Homing offset same as for PLA (Load PLA profile with blue painters tape affixed to the build platform.

Print with ABS setting and adjust bed temp to 65 and Extruder temp to 245

Make sure  filaments dry – otherwise finish will be sub-par – damp filament is indicated by popping and steam during extrusion

A material datasheet can be found here: Nylon 618 Specification

Photo Nov 19, 1 32 40 PM
Makerbot PLA (Translucent Red on left. Taulman 618 Nylon on right.



PLA requires some active cooling for optimal results – this is not necessary for ABS

Nylon retraction needs to be increased due to more pressure in the nozzle.  However this can also be easily machined when done and resultant prints are super strong.  Note this is a co-polymer and creates a molecular bond with the adjacent layer.


Thing-O-Matic Setup (Jetty Firmware):

Affix blue painters tape to the print bed.

Adjust Z homing offset so it accounts for the additional tape thickness.  Saved as a new PLA profile.  One can easily toggle between ABS and PLA profiles now without having to reprogram the printer each time.