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Dump/Swap Shed Upcycling Projects

I’ve recently found a couple cool up-cycling projects at the swap shed at the transfer station. Someone discarded a nice maple edge-grain cutting board made by the Maine Department of Correction industries. Prisoners work on various projects that they then sell in their store. The board was pretty cut up and someone tried to clean it up a bit but they failed pretty bad. I was able to re-square and resurface it on my tools. I even added a juice groove. My wife loved this.

I also found a small cheese platter with a terrible warped base and nice glass dome. Because the board was stained and made of some unknown wood I decided to discard it and start over. I wanted this to be a little special so I decided to do my first end-grain cutting board out of Maple and Walnut in a checkerboard.. I cut it into a circle on my CNC machine and finished it with a beeswax blend. This should give years of service down the road and looks beautiful to boot.

Slow/Weak burner on Gas Stove

I was recently plagued by a slow/weak burner on my otherwise fine Gas stove.  This unit has sealed gas burners that are near impossible to remove.  The most common cause of a weak gas burner is a plugged orifice where the gas enters the burner.  This can be caused by a severe boil-over, cleaners or other gunk getting into the burners.  The end result is the burner won’t start or has a very weak flame.

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