Jayco X213 Under Couch Access Mod

Here’s an easy mod to make some of the storage in your X213 a little easier to access.  This may apply to other models depending on how the Couch/Bed is configured.  On my camper the skirt beneath the couch is purely decorative.  In that I mean it does not structurally support any weight of the sofa.  On my model the skirt was held on with two square drive screws. from the back.  Remove these screws to give access to the ample storage under the sofa.  You might now even be able to fit something under there.

File Jul 27, 6 58 48 PM

The first step entails locating a couple strong rare-earth magnets. The frame under the couch/bed is steel and as such will attract magnets.  I used some salvaged hard-disk magnets which are conveniently glued to mounting plates with screw holes.  In lieu of these you could purchase some magnets with a countersunk hole in them such as these: Neodymium Round Base Magnet.  Mine were free as there always seems to be a computer or hard disk at the dump.  I mounted the magnets (on their convenient brackets) to the skirt where it would touch the steel frame of the couch/bed as below.  I used a couple #6×3/4″ screws I had on hand to secure the magnets.

File Jul 27, 6 59 04 PM

Once complete the skirt can be slid back in place and the magnets will hold the skirt in lieu of the two screws removed.  These hard disk magnets hold about 20# which is quite strong compared to the standard cabinet magnet which could also be used.  In all this mod cost me no money and worked like a charm.  It leaves the camper looking the same as when we started and gives us easier access to the stowage area.

File Jul 27, 6 59 22 PM