Jayco X213 Quick Table/Work Surface

I recently found some nice hard pine thrown away from a wood processing place down the road and a scrap piece of what looked like an aluminum awning track at my local transfer station/dump.  The channel fit the exterior grill mount so I decided to whip up a quick table with the discarded pine I had found.  This mounts on the exterior of the camper with the channel and a paint-stick extension.  The paint stick serves double duty along with a brush head to remove the debris from the slide-out before pulling it back in.  The construction was simple and was built based on some quick measurements I did.

Mounted on the trailer.

Stowed inside on the stove


It sits over the range and “locks” into place so it doesn’t slide around while traveling.  It will also hang nicely from the side of the camper without the extra “leg”.  This thing works like a charm!  The hard pine was stained with the Minwax English Chestnut Stain I used on the bunk ladder and finished with several coats of Satin Helmsman Spar Urethane.  Please note I had intended this to cover the stove grate completely.  However due to the hardness of the wood and lack of a countersink on my holes the edge ended up splitting resulting with me re-sawing the end off.


The perfect place to put a beer or two!